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Poker tables from Stine Game Tables are made of the highest quality materials available. Stine custom poker tables will not only meet but will exceed your expectations. If you're serious about poker, and want a poker table built to meet your needs, you've come to the right place. Whether you're looking for your very own personal custom poker table or you want a high-end poker table for your business establishment, you can rest assured knowing that all Stine game tables are built specifically with the avid poker player in mind. Click on an image below for more detailed poker table product information.
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These beautiful custom built poker tables may be modified to the specific dimensions and modifications that you desire. We have supplied basic configurations in the featured custom poker table sections. If you wish to order a custom game table, contact us to confirm availability of the specifications below. Further options for a custom built poker table are:

  • Custom dimensions for your custom made poker table. Leather cushion armrest (most colors available)
  • Vinyl cushion armrest color options (most colors available - standard color is black)
  • Handmade wood cup riser (standard cup positions are inlayed)
  • Custom wood stain (other than listed in product information)
  • Custom embroidery for the playing surface (names, themes, logos, etc.)
  • Solid wood surface for the chip ring (no grooves for poker chips)
  • No chip ring - playing surface and cushion armrest only (similar to casino style table)
  • Further Customizations - Contact Stine Game Tables to discuss further custom built poker table options!
For pricing information, please visit the build your own poker table page.
Contact us for quote on one of these beautiful, quality game tables!

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