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Our game and poker tables have been featured in many magazines, articles and media. The below is a small collection of where you may have seen us.

Stine Game Tables House and Home Magazine Stine Game Tables Poker Tables Inside Robb Report
Stine Game Tables Poker Tables Inside Players Magazine Stine Game Tables Poker Tables Inside Executive Traveler Magazine
Stine Game Tables Poker Tables Inside Dupont Magazine Stine Game Tables Poker Tables Inside DecorStyle Magazine


Full Tilt Poker

Full Tilt Poker first asked Stine Game Tables to provide a premium quality hold’em table for their upcoming commercials back in December of 2006. They were so pleased with the result that they asked a second time and a Stine table will appear in a second series of commercials for Full Tilt Poker scheduled to begin being shown this summer.

SGT Poker Tables featured in Oil of Olay TV Commercial
SGT Poker Tables featured in Oil of Olay TV Commercial

Oil of Olay Logo
Featured in Oil of Olay Commercial set. Oily of Olay contacted us because they were looking for a classy high-end poker table to appear in their latest commercial.

The commercial starts with close-ups on tough-guys around a poker table. The last face is a middle age woman who obviously doesn’t fit in with the crowd. The cards are dealt, and the woman says, “I’m new at this. I’ve never played before.. But I’m feeling lucky. It’s my birthday.” She mouths some number to one of the guys. Camera cuts close up of her cards… of course, it’s a royal flush. She lays the cards on the table and camera cuts to a close-up of her purse. A bottle of “Oil of Olay” is sitting on the top.

Articles / Web

Jeff Interview by "Ask the Decorator"

Jeff Interview by "Ask the Decorator"

Ask the Decorator

Stine Game Tables CEO, Jeff Stine, was recently interviewed by Ask the Decorator’s Meghan Carter as an expert on poker tables. Ask the Decorator is an Internet show that follows Meghan Carter across the U.S. as she finds the best tips and products to use when decorating your home. Meghan seeks out experts in various fields providing her audience with the best possible advice on each subject.

Click the button to start the video.

Check out the second video on to find out if it’s really worth it to go custom.

LA Times Logo
“..Like to shop online? Stine Game Tables lets you build your own table, choosing wood, felt color, accents and pedestal style…”
“When I win the lottery or a large poker game, I am gettin’ me one of these!!!”

Luxury Lifestyle Logo
…because quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.

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